E Mail Campaign Advantages
In a short amount of time we can assess the results.

It does not cause rejection.

The authorized Email with the permission of the owner or address for information. The messages are welcome and do not cause interference to privacy.

Effective: The authorized Email is much more effective than traditional banner advertising with the access rate up to ten times higher.

Low cost: The Email has approved a much lower cost than a traditional campaign advertising.

Easy to implement: From a database of authorized email addresses a campaign can be easily adapted to every need.

Configurable as: It allows a total adaptation to the needs and requirements of customers.

Dynamic and Multimedia: It can contain any type of technology such as graphics and animations, text, menus, links to the web for more information.

Interactive: Immediately creates a dialogue with the company and issuing multiple messages.

Interesting: The user provides the address because you want to receive information it deems useful and interesting

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